(commonly known as The Fading)

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Seeing Justice
Talona festival
Great Clang
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The Penultimate Thunder
Communion of Laughter,
Great Clang
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Autumn Equinox,
Talona festival
The Blinding
Talona festival
Great Clang



Spryndalstar: On Eleint 7th, Waukeen's clergy celebrates magic.

The Penultimate Thunder: This is one of two high holy days important to Hoar. It is celebrated on the 11th with feasting.

* Festival of Vengeance: Tiamat's clergy celebrates the defeat of Gilgeam on the first full moon following Midsummer.

Equinox Religious Celebrations

Song of the Dawn: A grand musical ritual is held in Lathander's cathedrals on morning of the autumn equinox; many from outside the church attend.

Four Feasts: Mielikki's worshippers celebrate the senses and sing in forests on the equinoxes and solstices. Grumbar's faithful also follow Mielikkian holy days.

On the autumn equinox, the worshippers of Uthgar gather at their traditional burial mounds for speaking with spirits, arranging deals, and rituals.

Dance of the Swirling Winds: Strong winds herald the celebration of Aerdrie Faenya's followers at their gathering places on the autumn equinox. Offerings and dancing in mid-air occur.

The Transformation: Worshippers of Rillifane Rallathil join to celebrate on the equinox.


Highharvestide: One of five seasonal holidays that tend to be celebrated across Faerun.  Many religions celebrate high holy days during these seasonal festivals.

Highharvestide Religious Gatherings

Feast of the Stags: Hunters of Malar capture all the meat they can and invite others to a feast, where they promise to provide food for those who need it in the winter.

Ritual of Pain and Purity: Loviatar's faithful dance amid objects that cause pain, while being whipped to go faster on Highharvesttide.

Shiallia's followers celebrate Highharvesttide as a time of fullness; all are invited to celebrate with them.

Remembrance Rituals: Worshippers of Anhur gather to remember allies on Highharvestide.

Worshippers of Isis praise the goddess and her husband for the harvest season on Highharvestide. All farmers are welcome.

Followers of Osiris have a high-spirited celebration on Highharvestide.


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