(commonly known as Summertide)

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Seeing Justice
Great Clang,
Talona festival
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Communion of Laughter,
Great Clang
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The Blinding,
Talona festival
Lurue revels,
Sharess revels,
Great Clang,
Celebration to the Moon
Shieldmeet (every 4 years)

Sornyn: On Flamerule 3-5th, Waukeen's clergy celebrates deal-brokering.

Shieldmeet Religious Observances

Ceremony of Honor to Helm: Held on Shieldmeet.

Deeds of the Dead: On Shieldmeet, the adherents of Kelemvor recall the lives of those who have passed and, on rare occasion, might raise a fallen hero from the past to aid the modern world.

Shieldmeet is a holy day in the house of Oghma.

The Conjuring of the Second Moon: Each Shieldmeet, every church of Selune chants.

Melding of the Three: On Shieldmeet, moon elves sing and perform magic to honor the merging of the Angharradh.

Beshaba's clerics celebrate with chaotic displays of destruction and rudeness on Shieldmeet.

On Shieldmeet, an archery competition is arranged amongst the faithful of Solonor Thelandira.

Midsummer's Eve Religious Celebrations

Midsummer's Eve: Followers of Lurue celebrate boisterously all night.

Midsummer's Eve: The greatest revel of the faithful of Sharess takes place on this day (though they celebrate just about every season, full moon, or any other excuse).

Celebration to the Moon: Hathor's priests sing and enjoy Midsummer's Eve.

Midsummer Religious Gatherings

Midsummer: One of five seasonal holidays that tend to be celebrated across Faerun.

Song of the Dawn: A grand musical ritual is held in Lathander's cathedrals on Midsummer morning; many from outside the church attend.

Midsummer is a holy day in the house of Oghma.

Outdoor parties are hosted by the church of Sune on Midsummer, which is one of their high holy days.

Clerics of Talos call storms and lightning on Midsummer.

Akadi's worshippers who can attend on Blaskaltar, the original shrine to their deity, and chant the names of the faith's heroes on Midsummer.

Beshaba's clerics celebrate with chaotic displays of destruction and rudeness on Midsummer.

Grand Revel: The followers of Milil boisterously celebrate with feasting and dancing on Midsummer.

Shiallia's followers celebrate Midsummer; all are invited to celebrate with them.

On Midsummer (and nights when the moon waxes or is full), Sharindlar's clergy gather, dance, and sacrifice wealth privately.

High Forge: Flandal Steelskin's followers celebrate by offering worked metals, exchanging ideas, and buying wares on Midsummer.

Festival of the Ruby: On Midsummer Day, worshippers of Callarduran Smoothhands celebrate the deity hiding gems in the earth to be found by gnomes.

Followers of Horus-Re (and most of the country of Mulhorand) attend services on Midsummer's Day.

On the night of Midsummer, Mielikki's worshippers celebrate, plant, and take part in the Wild Ride atop the backs of unicorns.

Midsummer Night: Berronar Truesilver's worshippers celebrate in the surface lands, and nonworshippers are allowed to join in.

Ceremony of Contagion: Midsummer Night, sacrifices are the prelude to a night of causing disease in the name of Yurtrus.


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