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     This web site is a free resource for those who want to explore roleplaying in general and Dungeons and Dragons in particular.  There are guides to help teach brand new gamers as well as articles that will appeal to seasoned players and Dungeon Masters. While this site has resources and ideas for all fantasy RPGs, many pages refer to 3rd/3.5 edition D&D, a number refer to Pathfinder, and I have hopes to include D&D Next in the future. To view this site as it was meant to be seen, please download and install the Hultog font here (free).

     The About Playing section is for new and seasoned players, providing general guides to to roleplaying games and articles about more specific issues facing those who play.

     The Character Names collection has advice on how to name your roleplaying characters and a compilation of thousands of names that you can download and refer to for all of your fantasy gaming needs.

     The Homebrew Creations index is a directory to character classes, races, items, domains, and other features I have created for my games and which you can use in yours.

     The Dungeon Mastering notes cover tips, tricks, aspects that are not often covered in books, and resources for building richer worlds and characters. Some articles, like the one on music, will appeal to players, as well.

     The My First Campaign category gives an example of how you can set one up, the kinds of decisions and alterations you might have to make, and the wonderful things that can result from it based on my own first time as a DM.

     The My Evil Campaign section general advice for running evil games, playing evil characters, and giving more detail to evil places (based on my exploration of the country of Thay in the 3E Forgotten Realms).

     The My Vision of the Drow collection gathers my thoughts on developing, naming, and throwing some twists into drow and half-drow characters.

     The Sex and Love in Gaming index is an extended guide to approaching those subjects in your group and in your roleplaying stories, with advice that has been playtested and garnered by many years of experience.

     The Women in Gaming notes focus on females as players, Dungeon Masters, and designers in a game that has become more integrated and inclusive with time.

     The Real Life Concerns selection is about problems that have and can arise away from the gaming table, but are related to gaming as a hobby and to negative images that were generated by a moral panic in the 1980s.

    The Useful Gaming Links page is my way of trying to gather some of the more useful sources for world building, naming, map making, comics, and other gaming-related needs, because no single site can cover everything.

    The How To Help This Site page has all the ways, great and small, that you can make Kismet's Dungeons and Dragons an even greater resource. And the last few links go to other gaming pages I run.

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan web site.  Dungeons and Dragons and all of its terms are © Wizards of the Coast and this site is in no way a challenge to their rights.  This site is also in no way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.

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