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     This web site is a free resource for those who want to explore roleplaying in general and Dungeons and Dragons in particular.  There are guides to help teach brand new gamers as well as articles that will appeal to seasoned players and Dungeon Masters. While this site has resources and ideas for all versions of D&D, it will remain centered in 3rd/3.5 edition, with some branching into Pathfinder.  There are currently no plans to cover 4th edition, but there are hopes to include D&D Next.

     The Introduction to Gaming section is for people who are completely new to roleplaying or who want a way to introduce friends and family to the hobby. It provides a general guide to roleplaying games and also covers the basics of Dungeons and Dragons.

     The Character Names section has advice on how to name your roleplaying characters and a compilation of thousands of names that you can download and refer to for all of your fantasy gaming needs.

     The Game Creations page is a directory to character classes, races, items, domains, and other features I have created for my games and which you can use in yours.

     Sex and Love in D&D provides an extended guide to approaching those subjects with your group and in your roleplaying stories, with advice that has been playtested and garnered by many years of experience.

     The Women in Gaming section focuses on females as players, Dungeon Masters, and designers in a game that has become more integrated and inclusive with time - yet there are still differences and difficulties that continue to need to be addressed.

     The Real Life Concerns selection is about problems that have and can arise away from the gaming table, but are related to gaming as a hobby and to negative images that were generated by a moral panic in the 1980s.

     For those who run games or are thinking about becoming Dungeon Masters, there is are the Dungeon Master's Notes for tips, tricks, aspects that are not often covered in books, and resources for building richer worlds and characters. Some articles, like the one on music, will appeal to players, as well.

     If you are thinking about running your first campaign or are becoming nostalgic for that first time, stop by my section about My First Campaign. It gives an example of how you can set one up, the kinds of decisions and alterations you might have to make, and the wonderful things that can result from it.

     The discussion of My Evil Campaign stands as an example and exploration of running the darker side of D&D, for evil characters, and doing so with care but without apology. It has general advice for running evil games and creates more detail for the country of Thay in the 3E Forgotten Realms.

     If you're looking for a different view on some classic villains of D&D, read about The Drow on my page and see them through my eyes for a while. There are also resources for developing, naming, and throwing some twists into drow and half-drow characters.

     Last but not least are links to other Dungeons and Dragons-related Links on the web, because no single site can cover everything.

If you like what you read here, peruse the books I've contributed to!

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan web site.  Dungeons and Dragons and all of its terms are © Wizards of the Coast and this site is in no way a challenge to their rights.  This site is also in no way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.

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