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This web site is a free resource for fantasy roleplaying and Dungeons and Dragons. There are guides to help teach brand new gamers as well as articles that will appeal to seasoned players and Dungeon Masters. While this site has resources and ideas for all fantasy RPGs, many pages refer to 3rd/3.5 edition D&D, a number refer to Pathfinder, and I have hopes to include D&D 5th edition in the future.

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Table of Contents

Playing and Running Fantasy Games

Advice for running sessions, creating characters, and building settings

My Evil Campaign

Explores Thay in the Forgotten Realms and advice for evil campaigns

Homebrew Creations

Custom-made features for D&D and Pathfinder

Real Life Index

About problems that can arise for gamers outside of play

Naming Index

An online list, advice for unique naming strategies, and generators

Image Gallery

Offers a variety of AI art images for characters and places

Drow Articles

A take on traditional Lolthian Drow

Links Page

Gathers useful resources for gaming-related needs

Romance Guide

An extensive guide on sex and love in roleplaying games

Help This Site

A list of various ways you can help this site

Women in the Hobby

Articles on females as players, Dungeon Masters, and designers

Updates Page

A record of recent changes on this site

My First Campaign

A record of my first D&D campaign


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Resources are free for personal use; please do not offer them for sale or claim them as your own work.

Please do not repost material elsewhere; link to this site instead. Thank you, and happy gaming!


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