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Kismet's First Dungeons & Dragons Campaign


Oriignal PCs from my first campaignThe original PCs of my first D&D game, from left to right, courtesy of Worldspinner Portrait Workshop (beta version): Aseir Rein (aasimar paladin of Torm, later Sune); Lance Daymar (human paladin of Hoar), Thorik Wyvernbane (dwarven cleric of Moradin), and Tika Frostdale (halfling rogue).


Index and Introduction

When I first started to run D&D in early 2001, I had no previous DMing experience and few models to work from. I had only seen a few relatively fun D&D sessions and I had never gotten close to seeing a successful D&D campaign. I was not entirely lost in the dark because I had the light of inspiration to guide me, and that light was able to carry me far. Not everyone is so fortunate, however, and DMing is a complex undertaking. I realized quickly that I wanted to build this web site so I could explore D&D and share what I found. I also wanted to offer information on my campaign as it progressed, not just for entertainment or exploration, but to give people an idea of how a campaign can be developed.

My first campaign developed regularly for over four years, though we took breaks to allow for for real life and other games. We had our fair share of fussing (as every group seems to), but we had a great time overall and always had what we called "the main campaign" on standby. The story grew as the PCs built their own stakes in the world and engaged a couple hundred NPCs. It shifted as some of the original characters were retired and new ones were brought on board. It even survived a months-long split of the party into different adventure paths, and the fall of one of its paladins.

Ultimately, the campaign was not brought to a proper end, but with so much of our old group missing, I don't know that I'll ever have the heart to run it again. So I'll leave these articles up as an example, as a fun read, and as a pleasant reminder of how far we got. If you decide to use Thandell or any of the characters in your game, I'd love to hear about it.


The City of Thandell: A city of my own creation, set in the Forgotten Realms

The Thandell Academy: The Thandell Academy affiliation (as per the PHB II)

History & Lore of Thandell: A sample of some local history and folklore

House Rules: Assorted house rules developed for and used in our game

Leadership in my Game: An in-depth look at how and why I implemented Leadership

A Cast List of NPCs: A discussion about keeping track of NPCs, and an example of how to do it

A Sample of the Story: A brief sample of our game's storyline from the earliest part of our campaign

Our Game Journal: An in-character account of our whole of the game and advice on journals

Our Campaign Calendar: A calendar of in-game events the PCs celebrated regularly



Resources are free for personal use; please do not offer them for sale or claim them as your own work.

Please do not repost material elsewhere; link to this site instead. Thank you, and happy gaming!


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