The Lineage of House Valgon in Tyraturos, 1293-1377 DR
as found in the archives of House Delizan

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The family tree below shows the most recent generations of House Valgon in Tyraturos, in birth order.  Deceased family members are italicized, and the original surnames of those who have bred and/or married into the family are shown for convenience.  Members who are currently a part of the household are listed in bold print. (Player character names are marked with an asterisk.)  Click on the names for commonly known information.

Sex Name Dates Class Biography
F Fathusa 1293-? NE Rogue An ardent follower of Mask, Fathusa had no interest in house leadership but became a great presence in the slave markets and gambling dens. She was known for arranging particularly devious and treacherous "deals" with exotic creatures that led them into slavery. She waited until the very last moment to consider marriage, at which point she met her match in a young man her buddies wagered she couldn't tame. Not having actually attended the gladatorial arenas, she hadn't seen the vicious up-and-comer from Surthay and underestimated him right into a marriage contract. Their marriage was tumultuous, though it did not take them long to conceive, or for her to become a single parent. She took over raising her grandson for about seven years after his parents' death but once she was sure of his attachment to the house of Bane, she left the house to help set up enclaves abroad. She's assumed dead, though when and how she died is anyone's guess.
M Thonnac Dal 1308-1331 CN Barbarian Thonnac fought his way through Surthay's informal pits to Tyraturos' lesser arenas and had finally made it to the great city itself when he made a fatal wager with an older, haughty rogue from a house known for its softness. He decided to honor the terms and get marriage obligations out of the way but never intended to give up his plans to fight his way to the top of Tyraturos' Grand Arena. He didn't develop strong ties with House Dal in Tyraturos so he wasn't of as much value to House Valgon as they'd hoped, and he died in the Grand Arena to a superior foe he refused to back down from. He refused to return when resurrection attempts were made, as well, preferring to remain in Tempus' kingdom.
M Darghin 1329-1357 LN Knight Raised to avoid his mother's and father's mistakes, Darghin cleaved to law and order as a way to avoid impulsiveness and disaster. It was at the academy that he met Lasha Vantur, a fellow aspiring knight and a devout adherent of Bane, and they decided to marry after they graduated. They declared their intentions as part of the stakes of their graduating battle and since they won the day and their titles, their houses were all but forced to accept the union (though neither was pleased about it).
F Lasha Vantur 1328-1357 LE Knight It was Lasha who finally gave Darghin the word of Bane in a way that resonated with his innermost desires and brought about his conversion to the faith. Together, they were dedicated to the greater glory of Thay and the safety of their house, which they pursued as vigorously as they did children. Augustus was the only issue that survived, however, though there were several miscarriages and one child that lived only a few days. Lasha convinced her husband that they had to rally for the Salamander War, where they both met their untimely deaths in a blaze of glory.
M Augustus* 1348-present LE Blackguard Raised to be a leader, a guardian of the house, and a fervid follower of Bane, Augustus attended the same academy as his parents and served the church they attended until he was touched directly by the god himself. He was sent on slave raids abroad, where he began gathering a cult of personality of his own until he was suddenly called to the house in Eltabbar when there was an opening in the census. He works tirelessly to strengthen his house and despises the infighting of other nobles, seeing it as a weakness that threatens the nation. He knows he has a great destiny in serving Bane and builds his reputation with that in mind. He is perhaps the most honest soul in Eltabbar, much to the regret of others who cross him.
M Melek 1295-1369 CE Red Wizard All but forced into magic by the family, Melek was also forced into the position of head of household when his elder sister refused to take it. He decided the house should take a roguely route and married Llharaun with that in mind, even though she was the product of a Mulan and a drow slave. When she died in a deal gone wrong, he cut all dealings rather than directly avenging her death. He remarried a year later to a younger woman who could produce more heirs, which she did, but never the son he wanted. There was talk of divorce until he decided to simply take his pleasure with slaves, occasionally producing the house's more fetching and devoted staff. He gave his daughter Ustarra the head of household upon her entrance into motherhood and retreated into Red Wizard duties and pursuits until his untimely death in an unspecified accident. Ustarra decided his time had come and the Red Wizards concurred, so there was no resurrection attempt (though there was a payoff).
F Llharaun Ankhara 1309-1333 NE Half-Drow Rogue A half-drow bred from a Mulan woman of House Ankhara and a drow slave who followed Vhaeraun (and was a pirate for the family), she was dusky and low-cost, since her house wasn't sure who would take her off their hands. With a taste for the exotic, Melek married her when she was 16; by 17 she had her only child, but Llharaun expected to have more. She tried to please her husband by taking on responsibilities for the courtesans and trying to set up a deal with the half-drow nobles of Dambrath for regular trade. Despite their general isolationism and restrictions, Llharaun thought she had a chance; unfortunately, she was interrogated until she revealed her father's faith (and, secretly, her own) and given to the clergy of Lolth until she converted or died. She eventually perished.
F Ustarra* 1326-present LE Monk

Ustarra became the silent enemy of Melek's new wife and subsequent children but didn't move against them directly. She did not wish to be subject to the will of a spouse so she arranged for a rare provision that allowed her to remain unwed if she successfully bred in a secret match approved by her head of house and/or her guild, church, or other major group (a suggestion made off-handedly during a visit with Boris Valgon of Eltabbar, with the addition of finding someone with outsider blood to sweeten the deal). When she finally revealed her plan (without revealing the name of the half-erinyes dedicated to Shar, her goddess), her father responded by giving her provisionary rule of the house starting in 1352. When Qualora's plans to marry and breed came to fruition, Ustarra was pressured to give way to the wizard. When her sister Qualora demanded she go on a suicide mission to Dambrath, Ustarra reached out to Vik, who arranged for her to be sent to Eltabbar, instead. Thus far, she has become invaluable as a counselor and guardian.

F Baatala 1351-present LE Blackguard of Loviatar Raised as the daughter of the head of house and a special servant of Shar and named for Baator, Baatala is every bit as prideful as her mother but is far more impulsive. She's refused to follow her mother's teachings in nearly every way, taking up arms instead of "becoming the weapon," refusing to acknowledge her drow blood or try to maintain ties with the drow, and finally, being touched by Loviatar and taking on the mantle of paingiver. She returned from the academy pierced in multiple places and ready for glory and has been itching to join the armies of Thay ever since. She bears clawed fingernails, pale skin, a birth mark of three blood drops near her right eye, and the white hair typically seen in the drow. She urges the house toward domination, submission, and pain, and trains more of that into the courtesans when she can. She actively rebels against any talk of marriage.
M Baatorys 1351-present NE Urban Ranger Far more cautious than his sister, Baatorys is known to stalk those he's interested in (in every way) and to avoid the conflicts of his mother and sister as much as he can. He maintains those drow ties he finds useful but focuses on ties to servants and lower groups who often hold the city's secrets, even if they don't know it. (They are like animals, after all, and can be charmed with food and soft words.) He bears long pointed ears, clawed nails, small black wings and white hair. He converted from the worship of Shar to Loviatar when his sister was chosen but continues to pray to both deities regularly. But he does seek his sister's glory, takes punishment for her sins when he can, and wants the greater glory of Thay.
F Altani 1316-present LN Courtesan Daughter of a fallen Shou noble who placed her in a pleasure house in Telflamm, Altani did not stay for the whole duration of her intended service and never advanced beyond a mere courtesan. She did note her husband's preferences for exotic fare and suggest that the house begin specializing in a variety of races, especially unusual ones. She has been in charge of the basic training since then and made sure that her youngest daughter was given full hetaera training (while largely ignoring Ustarra). Respectful and affable in demeanor, she is actually a lynchpin in keeping the house running, and she knows it. Since her husband's death she has become a bit more assertive and since her daughter's ascension, she has started to command respect outright. She is the overseer of her grandchildren and talks of one day sendng them to Kara-Tur as few Thayans have gone (though sometimes this grates on Pylena).
F Qualora 1335-present CE Wizard/Elemental Archon Qualora knew she had to one-up Ustarra eventually. She didn't realize that her natural affinity with fire and early worship of Kossuth would solve many of her problems, especially when it seemed like nothing could. First she showed arcane talent, setting herself ahead. Then she kept burning all the boys (literally and figuratively) and started up with women, which was frowned upon. Through great trials she obtained her bride, who happened to be from a very important family, although that didn't matter as much. She then took a page from Ustarra's playbook, organizing their impregnation by the same outsider (resulting in half-elemental children, a step up from tieflings). She became head of household in 1372 and aims for her daughters to become scions of the house in every way.
F Pylena Odesseiron 1339-present LN Cleric/Elemental Archon of Kossuth "Eternal Flame" While her devotion to Kossuth could not be disparaged openly, her dedication to the clergy instead of wizardry in the city of teleportation was a disappointment. When she was attacked and raped by a member of House Kallos in an attempt to make her pregnant and force her to marry, she claimed it was her god who assured she did not conceive and agreed to a duel in the house of Kossuth to settle the matter. She won at the expense of her reputation and rediscovered a childhood crush in Qualora. She threw herself into the potential match, but it is unknown if either woman will ever be able to conceive again. It is known that both women are extremely paranoid and have stipulated no willing sexual contact with others except in the service of their god. Their fights are legendary and slaves have been roasted to a crisp on occasion. Pylena is not very interested in the house's business and does not want her daughters to be raised for it.
F Rescha 1371-present Half-Fire Elemental These half-elemental sisters stick close together, moving between bouts of playfulness and curiosity to secretive, quiet times where they seem to read each other's minds and have their own aims. Beholden to the whims of the capricious Qualora and the strict Pylena, they seem to prefer their grandmother's company and the attentions of slaves. What they will become and what they'll want remains to be seen.
F Ulrica 1371-present Half-Fire Elemental Although Rescha is the elder by a few seconds, she seems to be softer somehow than Ulrica, who is more vocal, dominant, and powerful thus far. She protects Rescha when punishments come. Both girls appear to need a semi-regular diet of items that have been burned by the fire of elementals, but how much, how long, or whether they really need those things is a mystery.
F Qo'a 1340-present CN Hetaera Qo'a was taken from the house and trained in a pleasure den of Sharess in Mulhorand from ages 10 through 18, becoming an informal ambassador of Thay while abroad and then bringing back the faith of Sharess to her home. She is a mistress of revels and seeks to make the house more like a pleasure den of Sharess, focusing on the good joy can do everyone rather than ownership and unpleasant business. She all but ignores her child, since she gave birth only due to Thayan law, but she is genuinely fond of her husband and encourages his travels in search of the rarest perfumes.
F Irik Ilmeth 1342-present CN Bard Fomerly one of his wife's foremost regulars when he was in the city, he was convinced of her plan to marry and get that deal over with. Moving back and forth between Tyraturos and Thazalhar, he was eager to marry someone who had more of Mulhorand in their mannerisms. Now that he has his own hetaera all the time and has done his duty, he is often on the road peddling the family's wares and seeking the most intoxicating new scents and lovers.
M Nalek 1375-present Half-Mulan, Half-Shou Nalek is the only legitimate, natural male of Melek's line, born long after the Red Wizard's death to a mother who speaks of sending him to Kara-Tur when he's old enough.
M Vekun 1295-present NE Cleric of Beshaba Vekun was born in Thazalhar but began traveling at a young age with his parents, who believed it was unlucky to stay in one place for too long. Eventually, he went about the countryside bringing Beshaba's ill luck to others until one day he discovered that he could not leave the city of Tyraturos. Every method he tried failed, including sacrifices and curses. Finally he settled on Dathanja Embian, who had the misfortune of continuing to run into him on bad days. He was able to joke with Melek about wives that could bear only daughters. (He quit joking when his wife miscarried a boy not twice but thrice.) He took on the duties of his faith in the city and found himself in the middle of every emergency for decades. When his 'Anja' died after a chamber beneath the city released a magical sickness (after he'd finally forbidden her from traveling abroad), he became dedicated to fulfilling his duties until he can be with her again.
F Tathanja Embian 1301-1349 CN Rogue An adherent of Beshaba, she believed her goddess had blessed her by cursing Vekun. Not only did she gain a husband but she got one who physically could not leave her. She was able to go on her own adventures, not just slave-gathering but raiding sites to the south for riches. Her miscarriages she simply took as a sign that she was not meant to raise sons. She was able to accompany her daughters on their first outings, guide them to their callings, and meet her first grandchildren, as well. When she died, she was content enough to stay gone.
F Danuela 1325-present CN Rogue/Rake

Raised in the faith of Beshaba, she eventually converted to the faith of Sharess through the teachings of Altani and her own sensuous nature. She then joined the local thieves through the sponsorship of her mother, who took her on her first adventures. After her first solo effort, she ended up pregnant and somehow managed to acquire formal approval of her child. She had the record of her child's father sealed and went home, where she met other men of interest over time. As far as anyone knows, all of her children have separate, secret fathers.

F Korgeska 1343-present Barbarian On the cusp of her required age to get married and begin a family, Korgeska (or 'Korgi,' for short) is desperate to avoid the whole thing (like being away on a mission), to find a husband from Surthay, or to discover something to make herself infertile. She spent several years in the fighting lodges of Surthay and only came back because she was ordered to return; what she can't figure out is why her presence is demanded. She spends as much time as she can at the fighting pits and taking any shifts she can guarding the city and its environs until she can convince the house to send her to the armies in the north.
M Horvath 1345-present Rogue/Assassin

Horvath follows Mask and believes that if some people need to die for Thayan interests to succeed, he should be the one to kill them. He developed a fine sense for secrets early on and joined the thieves guild quite young (younger, some say, than he should have), which led him to adventures in and outside of Thay, often through the enclaves. He has been summoned home in recent years, without caring why; all he knows is that he is being forced to stay when he could be of use in the recent troubles across the country. For once, he and his sister see eye to eye on their lot in life, though whether they are working together to change things has yet to be seen.

M Dralas* 1348-present Rogue/Rake Though he follows Mask like his older brother, Dralas walks firmly in his mother's footsteps, using the power of seduction to obtain not only what he wants, but what he wants for the family. He was maneuvered into the family house in Eltabbar briefly through his friendship with the disgruntled Nauthira, where he swiftly set about trying to make room in the Eltabbar census for others back in Tyraturos. He had some success before he bowed out, leaving the city in favor of "guild business."
M Galvena 1331-present Kundala Galvena was the baby of her family and favored by her father but she managed not to become the instant rival of her older sister. Danuela looked out for her and the two have worked together since then, both at home and across Thay. During a surprise visit, Boris Valgon suggested a husband to suit her, with distinctive blood, to boot; any children they produced would be welcome in the house at Eltabbar in the future. She was cautious at first but when she learned about her target, she jumped in without further hesitation. Together they work to unlock their potential and to further their children's interests. She's become concerned that with the disappearance of Boris, her offspring might not have guaranteed invitations and is doing all she can to reacquire their places.
F Xorgrael Volkos 1328-present Half-Succubus Tantrist Conceived as a deliberate plot by House Volkos to breed a new type of diplomat, Xorgrael was raised across the country, honing his early skills amongst noble houses before being sent to charm foreigners. Instead ofstriving to become a Red Wizard, he found himself naturally drawn to the magic of tantrism. He eventually returned to Thay because he was sick of having to hide his true nature and face. In his homeland he found a woman in tune with his interests and made her his wife, and it wasn't long before children followed. He supports the house in magic, in training, and in the marketplace, though he still hopes to uncover the mystic secrets that will fully unlock sex-based magic beyond what is already known.
F Vala 1353-present Tiefling Cleric of Samora The regular caretaker of her reckless younger brothers, Vala was chosen to serve a strange goddess she had never heard of before. Not only was she intrigued by her deity's ways but she saw potential for real advancement in being a part of an upcoming religion. She notices the tainted love and twisted pleasures that Thayans deny themselves and believes that many followers are just waiting to be shown how they can get what they want through Samora. That her youngest brother follows the same goddess only confirms her belief that she is perfectly placed to begin her journey to becoming a high cleric.
F Vec* 1356-present Tiefling Fighter Born into a legacy of wealth and sumptuousness, Vec was drawn more to martial discipline his house was not known for. Like many who don't develop magic in Thay, he prepared himself to become powerful through battle and perhaps a leadership position in Thay's armies. He attended the academy for gentlemen in Pyarados and came to worship the Red Knight in the hopes of honing his strategy. Not immune to the family's exploits, however, he earned the ire of a blackguard of Bane by sleeping with his mother and seeks to expand his own family's influence in places where it has little by using the family business to spread good will. By going to somewhere new, he has the best chance to get further up the ladder before clerics or wizards bother to come in and usurp the top spots.
M Viktor* 1356-present Tiefling Rogue Until recently, Vik has been the yang to his brother's yin, the impulsive shadow to his twin's stolid ways. Touched by Samora for his own inner perversity, he's spent his developing years playing games of different sorts in Tyraturos. One game went sour when a playmate turned serious, and he cut off her intentions to wed their houses at the pass. Apparently going to Pyarados with his brother for a few years did little to dissolve her ire, too. His twin has gone on to Amruthar without him, but Vik has been called to Eltabbar to build his influence, serve his goddess, and bolster the family. For now, his sister and his right hand lover, Lucindya, are making sure he doesn't get into trouble he can't get out of.

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