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The controversy about roleplaying games has died down but it is not over. Plenty of misinformation still circulates and some folks persistently teach that roleplaying games are linked to harm. I have made no attempt to cover every single problem that has been tied to the hobby but I have scoured the web looking for other sources. I have taken some time to review archived articles from various newspapers; if you have access to such archives through work or school, I suggest you do some searching. 

The vast majority of web sites defend one side or the other, so I have divided them thusly: the supporters of roleplaying games and the opposition to roleplaying games. If you know of a site I have missed, feel free to send it my way.

The Opposition

The Supporters

A Biblical View of Dungeons and Dragons

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Play Dungeons and Dragons

A Christian Response to D&D

A Letter to Parents

Can Christians Play D&D?  Author Says No!

A Parent's Guide to Roleplaying Games

Dark Dungeons by Jack Chick

Christian Gamers Guild

Dungeons and Dragons and FRPGs

Christians Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons Bad?

Confessions of a Dungeons and Dragons Addict

Dungeons and Dragons - The Game

Ethics in Fantasy: Morality and D&D

Dungeons and Dragons - Concerns for the Christian

In Defense of Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons: Don't Let it Happen to Your Kid

Michael A. Stackpole: The Pulling Report

Dungeons and Dragons...only a game?

MST3K: Dark Dungeons

Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons: Like Two Peas in a Pod?

None Dare Call It Reason

I Was Hooked on Dungeons and Dragons

Questions & Answers About RPGs

Should a Christian Play Dungeons and Dragons?

Religion and Roleplaying

Stairway to Hell

Role-Playing Games and the Christian Right: Community Formation in Response to a Moral Panic

Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons

Role-playing Games: Additional Information

The Watchman Expositor: Games - Fantasy or Reality?

Role-playing Games: Attacks by Conservative Christians


Roleplaying Revisited


The Attacks on Role-Playing Games


The Anti-RPG Movement: A Modern-Day Witch Hunt?


The Disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III


The Escapist Gaming Advocacy Web Site


The Real Truth About Dungeons and Dragons

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