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New Spells


Summon Lover

Conjuration (Teleportation)

Level: Bard 6, Hetaera 6

Components: V

Casting Time: 1 full round action

Range: Same plane

Target: One current or former sexual partner

Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Throw: None

Spell Resistance: No

This spell instantly brings a current or former lover to your side. The summoning will only work if three conditions are met: 1) the target has had sexual relations with you, 2) the target remembers you, and 3) the target is willing to be transported to you. The target of the spell will appear adjacent to you, in a space you choose. The target must be in an area in which magic can be cast, and must be able to travel extradimensionally from its location to yours.

Established Spells

Many spells can be used for sensual and romantic purposes. Although the Book of Erotic Fantasy provides spells that are directly sexual in nature, a lot can be done with more common magic. All it takes is a little imagination to see a spell in a different light, and to use it to a new effect. It must be noted, however, that magic can be used to help as well harm, and this carries over into the arena of sex. I'm willing to wager that most games will not delve into the worst that spells can do in the sexual arena. Torture, bondage, and other such things will probably be kept in the Underdark with the vile Drow, and this is probably as it should be. However, in the interest of evil campaigns and/or terrible villains, I will examine some harmful applications along with the beneficial:

Changing Appearance

There are several spells that change a person's appearance in various ways. These spells can be used to spice up a relationship by making partners look entirely different. They can also be used to prevent forbidden lovers from being recognized together; imagine how much easier it would have been if Romeo had been able to make himself look like a Capulet family member or servant!  Magic that changes appearance can also be used to trick people into believing that a person is someone they are not. This can lead to a person sleeping with someone that they normally would refuse, and cause even worse confusion if pregnancy occurs. For the most part, only evil characters can bear to use alteration spells for sexual deception. Good or neutral characters who start to use such underhanded tactics should be considered on the expressway to evil.

Charm Spells

Many charm-like spells can be used to get people to like you, and to make them open to suggestion. Some DMs will rule that it is an evil act to use any magic to make a target fall in love or get involved in sexual activity. Other DMs might rule that spells that make targets suggestible aren't bad enough to make a character slide into evil, so long as they are not traumatized when the magic wears off. Using a spell to force a target into romance is probably going to be considered an evil act by most DMs. While it might seem stupid for a wizard to use a powerful spell in the name of romance or sex, we must remember that some people will go to any lengths to obtain the object of their desire. Wizards are not immune to obsession. Clerics, on the other hand, can have a harder time using magic to make someone love them since they have to ask their gods for such a power. Their request can always be denied - and some gods might be very upset that a cleric even tried to ask for such intervention.

Enhancing Sexual Encounters

Spells like that boost innate strength, stamina, grace, and appearance are popular for romps as well as combat. These spells can be used to make sexual activity all the more exciting. Likewise, spells that cause a body to grow or shrink can be put to creative uses, especially if the DM rules that it can be used on particular regions of the body (instead of enlarging the whole creature). Magic that grants flight or weightlessness can make encounters particularly fun and versatile. On the darker side, these same spells can make lovers much more difficult to resist.

Setting the Mood

Spells that play with lighting, sound, and smells can make the background of a tryst all the more romantic. On the other hand, magic that prevents sight and hearing can also make a sensual encounter more interesting by the very lack of one's normal senses. Regardless, if lovers can't find an inn or are far from civilization, they can use magic to create housing that provides comfort and privacy.

Message Spells

There are different spells that can be used to send messages through animal carriers, magic triggers, or telepathy. These can be employed just for novelty or out of necessity. Not all lovers can afford to be seen in public together, and to these folks messaging spells are very important. Intercepting such communication can lead to consequences for everyone, however, and those with ill intent can try to lure targets by sending false directions. Some lovers will only be able to afford the simplest spells but other will utilize higher level magic to ensure secrecy.

Divination Spells

It is not unheard of for people to use divination spells for romantic purposes. The greater divination spells that contact gods or their agents directly are rarely if ever attempted for such purposes; most gods do not like their clerics to use such spells for trivial matters. Spells that determine the likely outcome of encounters are good for telling someone if they should risk meeting their lover at midnight or if a marriage proposal will go well. Anything that detects thoughts can give a character an idea if someone really thinks favorably of them or is attracted to them.


Spells that allow someone to understand and speak other languages can allow characters to converse with cute foreigners and travelers.


Spells can create illusory likenesses of characters. Some of these images are only visual, but others also replicate sounds, smells, and other effects. Nothing says that such images have to be clothed, and it is up to the spellcaster to decide what images are doing. They could be used for the erotic entertainment of others quite easily. On a slightly sinister note, magic can create a replica of a person that has no soul. The replica might be inert, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be moved, posed, or otherwise put to use, with or without the permission of the target.

And now, for alternative implications:

Healing and Harm-Inflicting Spells

Spells that inflict harm can be used against a partner, but are likely to start combat and be deemed evil by most people (unless they are consented to due to curiosity or masochism). Curative spells can be employed to relieve bumps, bruises, or other damage that occurs during the act; most often, this will happen due to accidents or enthusiastic nibbles. While these spells are not normally utilized in the sexual arena, they certainly can be.

Otherworldly Companion

Spells can bring creatures from other planes to the Material realm. Some of the creatures (like celestials and demons/devils) are generally able to copulate with humanoids. Sometimes offspring can result. (This is how the Drow create Draegloths, which are Drow/Glabrezu hybrids.)  Some creatures will be happy enough to perform sexually if they are called for such a purpose; others will have to be bargained with very carefully.


Many spells can be used to look in on other people, regardless of where they are or what they are doing. Some grant vision or hearing at a distance, but even magical invisibility can allow spying and voyeurism to take place. Magic that tracks a target can make it so that a character can be followed no matter where they are located.


For those characters into bondage, magic can make the task of binding easier. Some spells can make a target hold still, while others bind them with rope from a distance quite nicely. Anything that summons tentacles can be used to hold a target still. If a target is kept in a room, magic can help keep them there. But any of this can be considered an attack if consent isn't gained.

Softening Targets

Spells that fog the mind can soften targets up and make them easier to control. Putting them to sleep usually grants a few minutes before the target wakes up. Using these spells to elicit sexual activity will probably be deemed evil acts by your DM, depending on the circumstances.

Other "Partners"

There are many spells that befriend creatures, affect their size and shape, control their behaviors, and so forth. Or, for those druids or rangers very much into plants, spells can awaken and command them. A few people might use magic to create a mindless automaton for their pleasure. Far more vile, there are a rare few necromancers that will use spells that preserve or animate the dead for their own twisted purposes.


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