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Red Wizard Cerys by ArtemisMorgan

"Red Wizard Cerys" by ArtemisMorgan (resized) used with permission


Generating Thayan Names

There are several different ways to use my Thayan name generator, thanks to generous help from readers. You can use a version online on perchance, download a file to use on RPGChartMaker, or use the Excel file. I'll briefly explain how each method works below. Feel free to try any and all of them!

The Fastest Route: Visit perchance

Thundermark reached out to me about creating a generator on perchance using the pieces I gathered for my first generator and some more input from me about how Thayan names sound. He was very patient and the result speaks for itself! You can just push the "randomize" button and a new name will appear. If you want more in one roll, you can enter the number of names you want in the box and that many will be generated the next time you press the button. Many thanks, Thundermark!

Try the Excel File

Rob McCaleb was kind enough to create an Excel version of the generator (along with creating an incredible map of Thay). The first sheet contains the data, so don't delete it from the workbook! The second sheet generates 100 names every time you reload the file or type anything into any cell. It's quick and you don't need an internet connection to use it after you download the file. Thank you so much, Rob!

Roll on RPGChartMaker (Updated & Improved for 2023!)

To use this version of the generator, download the .json file. Then, visit RPGChartMaker, use the Load button to load it, and click the Roll! button. This version will create a first name and a commoner surname, and it will generate a noble house. If the character you're naming is a commoner, they'll use their family's last name but may also work for a noble house; in that case, you can attach them to the house that's listed. If they're a noble, they'll have a first name and use their noble house as their surname.

Learn more about how to use and alter the file for your own purposes here). Here's a preview of what it looks like:

Preview of the Thayan Name Generator

My Thayan NPC generators include the name and noble house generators within them, as well.


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