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Commonly known as Deepwinter











Thunder Blessing Day

Seeing Justice









Great Clang















Talona festival

Communion of Laughter



Cold Counting Comfort





Great Weave

Great Clang












The Blinding


Talona festival








Putrescent Death

Great Clang

























Holiday Explanations

Hammer Observances

Thunder Blessing Day

This day is celebrated by many dwarven communities in thanks to Moradin for the Thunder Blessing.

Cold Counting Comfort

On Hammer 15th, Waukeen's clergy celebrates accounting.

Midwinter's Eve Religious Celebrations


On Midwinter Eve, worshippers of Deep Duerra commemorate victories from the last year and talk about what they will do next. There is hammering and chanting, and the head of an enemy whose lands will be conquered is passed through the gathering.

The Graverending

Midwinter's Eve, clerics of Kiaransalee animate undead, which then seek to destroy their murderers for 24 hours or until their vengeance is complete.

Putrescent Death

Self-aware creatures are sacrificed to Yurtrus, usually via pestilence.

Midwinter Religious Occasions


One of five seasonal holidays that tend to be celebrated across Faerun.


Gargauth's worshippers offer bloody sacrices on Midwinter.

Ritual of Pain and Purity

Loviatar's faithful dance amid objects that cause pain, while being whipped to go faster on Midwinter.

The Retreat

On Midwinter, followers of the Red Knight gather to review the last year's strategies.

Masked Lord's Embrace

Midwinter Night, Vhaeraun's worshippers deprive their senses for a day of contemplation.

Midwinter Day

Followers of Berronar Truesilver revel beneath the earth.

Midwinter Night

The faithful of Shevarash commemorate the fallen of the Dark Court Slaughter.

Festival of the Star

Deep gnomes gather at an Underdark lake to see that they are remembered by Callarduran Smoothhands on Midwinter Night.

Midwinter Night

Urdlen's faithful give blood sacrifice to avoid destruction.


Midwinter Night, clerics of Auril hold a fesival.

Grumbar's clergy have a festival on Midwinter to set plans for the faith.

Shiallia's followers celebrate Midwinter; all are invited to celebrate with them.

Followers of Osiris tend to burial places on Midwinter.

Monthly Remembrances

Seeing Justice

Monthly, on the 1st, Tyrrans pray to call forth a vision of a burning war hammer.

Communion of Laughter

Monthly, on the 13th, Garl Glittergold's churches have various activities, ranging from prayer to joke-telling contests.


Monthly, on the 13th, Tyrrans sing loudly to conjure the vision of a mailed hand.

The Blinding

Monthly, on the 22nd day, Tyrrans conjure the image of tearful eyes.

Great Clang

The tenth day of each tenday is sacred to Gaerdal Ironhand's church. Members come together to chant.

Talona Festival

Every 12 days, clerics of Talona hold gatherings open to all, with music and the sale of poisons and cures.

Full Moon Religious Ceremonies

Midnight Gambol

On a different night of the full moon each month, worshippers of Erevan Ilesere revel. Any who manage to find them can join in.

Secrets of the Heart

Each full moon, Hanali Celanil's worshippers unveil artwork, sacrifice things of beauty, and feel more love and beauty.

The Cloaking

On the night of the full moon, Baravar Cloakshadow's followers offer up illusions of valuable items.


On the full moon, followers of Urogalan join with families of the recently deceased for a funereal ritual.

Festival of Strength

Every full moon, the faithful of Bahgtru meet to test their physical mettle, sometimes ending in death.


Clerics of Lolth sacrifice surface elves on nights of the full moon in any given month.

Sehanine Moonbow's faithful celebrate movements in the heavens, sometimes once a decade or longer. But they also celebrate Lunar Hallowings with meditation monthly on the full moon.

Each full moon, worshippers of Baervan Wildwanderer join to dance and sacrifice.

New Moon Religious Meetings

Deepstone Triad

Worshippers of Dumathoin gather to pulverize gems in his honor on nights of the new moon.

Chant in the Abiding Darkness

Items that once mattered a great deal to those who used to own them are dedicated to Shargaas on the new moon.


During nights of the new moon, Vhaeraun worshippers on the surface hold sacred hunts and sacrifices.

Brandbaris' faithful tithe by burying recent loot in the best place they can on each new moon.

The new moon is sacred to the followers of Gruumsh.

Luthic's worshippers celebrate orc fecundity on the new moon.

Open-Date Monthly Religious Festivals

Ritual of the Unseen Presence

Once each month, followers of Mask offer prayers and valuables.

Grand Revel

The church of Sune has a great party once a month.


Monthly, Sheela Peryroyl's worshippers arrange nighttime festivals with nearby settlements. Everyone must bring food.

Those looking to keep crocodiles away sacrifice animals to Sebek each month.

Seasonal Religious Gatherings

Adherents of Malar hold a High Hunt once each season, during which worshippers hunt a humanoid. If it survives a day and night, it is allowed to live and given a boon by the hunters.

As each new season has its first day, the followers of Segojan Earthcaller gather to offer gems.

Miscellaneous Religious Holidays

Divine Pageantry

The nobles of Waterdeep celebrate Siamorphe once during the summer, but the date is not stable. They dress in older styles, hold to older customs of behavior, and distribute money to commoners.

The Shattering

Valkur's worshippers open the new sailing season in early spring, but the date varies.

Azuth's worshippers hold a holy day when a new Magister is chosen.

Chauntea's worshippers hold the High Prayers of the Harvest, a serious ceremony, once a year at harvest time.

At spring and neap tides, followers of Istishia celebrate with festivals.

All holy days not tied to evil are celebrated by Lliira's followers.

At ice out, Umberlee's clergy parade and then throw an weighted animal into the sea; if it lives, it's considered a holy creature.

Followers of Marthammor Duin celebrate the festival days and nine days after, as well as Shieldmeet and nine days after that. The celebrations are open, even to other races.

When the moon is full or new, worshippers of Thard Harr gather to scream, sacrifice, and feast.

In the first quarter waxing, followers of Corellon Larethian play music, dance, and make offerings.

Once each lunar month, Solonor Thelandira's followers gather to sacrifice and be grateful.

For monthly observances like the Great Clang, check the descriptions for the month of Hammer.


For full details, see Faiths and Pantheons.


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