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Raphael "Raphael" by Aramisdream is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

As a Dungeon Master, I have had to change or create specific things for my game. And as an avid gamer, sometimes I get the urge to create things just because. Some of the fruits of my labors lie below. Feel free to look them over and to use them in your games. If you do end up using something, take a moment to let me know how it went; you'll be doing me a favor. It's one thing to see something on paper and another thing to know how it actually plays out.

Most of my creations use 3X edition as their basis, but entries marked with a (P) have also been made Pathfinder compatible.


Base Classes

Racial Options & Templates


Bard (P)

Aranean (P)


Blackguard (P)

Dragonblooded (P)


Paladin (P)

Genasi (P)





Prestige Classes

Character Creation


Red Wizard (P)

Character Generators



Character Palette


NPC Classes

Item Creation


Courtesan (P)

Custom Construct Creation Rules


Gamer Gathering Contests



Character Backgrounds 6/2017

Clerical Domains (P)


Feats (P)


Guide to Slave Costs


Sorcerer Bloodline: Aranean (P)


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Resources are free for personal use; please do not offer them for sale or claim them as your own work.

Please do not repost material elsewhere; link to this site instead. Thank you, and happy gaming!

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