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Spells referenced can be found in the SRD and/or the Spell Compendium.

Body Domain

Granted Powers: By controlling your body, you control the universe.

Will of the Body: Add Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Jump and Swim to your list of cleric class skills (or Acrobatics in Pathfinder).

[Pathfinder option] Strength of Body (Su): At 8th level, you can add your cleric level as an enhancement bonus to your Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution score for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. You must choose one for the day. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Domain Spells

  1. Enlarge person

  2. Alter self

  3. Rage

  4. Elemental body I

  5. Polymorph

  6. Transformation

  7. Polymorph, greater

  8. Iron body

  9. Shapechange

Hearth Domain

Granted Powers: Home is where the heart is, and the strongest homes yield the strongest hearts.

Sanctuary (Sp): You can use the Sanctuary spell up to three times per day without taxing your normal allotment of spells.

[Pathfinder option] Home Sweet Home: At 4th level, you inherit a building worth up to 1,000 gp – even if you don't know the person willing it to you and vice versa. Selling it or renting it outright will offend the deity who gave it to you, resulting in a loss of powers until an Atonement is cast.

Domain Spells

  1. Healthful rest

  2. Alarm, greater

  3. Tiny hut

  4. Safety

  5. Zone of respite

  6. Heroes' feast

  7. Magnificent mansion

  8. Screen

  9. Instant refuge

Narcissism Domain

Granted Powers: Knowing you are the best can provide a weapon to use against those who don't believe in your worth.

Turn Charm and Fear (Su): Charm and fear effects become unstable when they come into contact with you. Whenever you are targeted with such an effect, roll percentile dice to determine the outcome. This ability does not work on area effects and can only be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

01-24 The effect goes forward without impediment 25-49 The effect fails 50-74 The effect rebounds upon the originator 75-100 The effect affects the target and the caster equally at full effect

[Pathfinder option] Immunity to charm and fear (Su): At 8th level, you become immune to charm and fear and your chances to turn it change: on a roll of 01-50, the effect fails, but on a roll of 51-100, the effect rebounds upon the originator.

Domain Spells

  1. Serene visage

  2. Delusions of grandeur

  3. Mesmerizing glare

  4. Backlash

  5. Dominate person

  6. Reflective disguise, mass

  7. Solipsism

  8. Demand

  9. Dominate monster

Negation Domain

Granted Powers: Cutting off the enemy's momentum ends conflicts quickly.

Denied (Su): Once per day, you can force an opponent that has successfully made an attack roll against you to reroll their attack with a -10 penalty. This penalty only applies against a single attack.

[Pathfinder option] Forbidden (Su): At 8th level, the cleric can use Denied an extra time per day.

Domain Spells

  1. Sanctuary

  2. Protection from arrows

  3. Dispel magic

  4. Globe of invulnerability

  5. Interposing hand

  6. Repulsion

  7. Sequester

  8. Mind blank

  9. Time stop

Pleasure Domain

Granted Powers: Bringing pleasure to others is a pleasure in and of itself.

Pleasant Touch (Sp): You can touch a creature as a standard action to heal it of 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point per cleric level. This touch also removes the fatigued, shaken, and sickened conditions (but has no effect on more severe conditions). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

[Pathfinder option] Anything to Please (Su): At 8th level, you can compel a creature within 30 feet to attempt to please you as a standard action. The creature receives a Will save to negate this effect. If the save fails, the creature attacks your enemies for 1 round, gives you its most valuable item, or drops prone at your feet and grovels for 1d4 rounds (GM's choice). You can use this ability once per day at 8th level and one additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Domain Spells

  1. Haze of Dreams

  2. Euphoric Cloud

  3. Detect Desires

  4. Nixie's Lure

  5. Covetous Aura

  6. Joyful Rapture

  7. Waves of Ecstasy

  8. Euphoric Tranquility

  9. True Resurrection

Perversion Domain

Granted Powers: Making others give in to their wicked urges derails the honorable and wholesome.

Perverse Command (Sp): A cleric can expend a use of channel energy to compel characters to make one forbidden skill check of the cleric's choice. The skill check must be inappropriate for the situation at hand but likely to be pleasurable for the target(s). A number of targets equal to the cleric's Charisma modifier can be affected by this ability. Unwilling or unaware targets can make a Will save (vs. a first level spell) to resist. If they fail, they must make the attempt before the scene ends, but will do so with a bonus equal to the cleric's Charisma modifier. This is a mind-affecting, charm based ability.

[Pathfinder option] Incite Bacchanalia (Su): At 8th level, a cleric can expend a use of channel energy to entice characters to immediately partake in an indecent scene, provided there is no immediate danger. This works as per Greater Command, except as follows: Commands must involve performing actions which go against the norms of social decency and can involve causing or receiving nonlethal damage (DM approval required). Targets can save once every other round. This is a mind-affecting charm based ability.

Domain Spells

  1. Seducer's Eyes

  2. Unnatural Lust

  3. Reckless Infatuation

  4. Triggered Suggestion

  5. Siphon Magic

  6. Unconscious Agenda

  7. Waves of Ecstasy

  8. Sympathy

  9. Dominate Monster


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