Playing And Running Fantasy Games


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"succubus gate" by macarious (resized) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


These articles are for players and DMs, so feel free to browse whatever interests you. Consider how you can use the ideas or techniques you enjoy in your own game, based on whatever part you're filling. Take elements to your group and talk them over. You have nothing to lose but much could be gained. After some thought, you could decide some of the views here just aren't for you, and that's fine. You took a moment to analyze your preferences and some alternatives, and figured out what you want most. That in itself is valuable.

The discussions below cover a variety of gaming elements, and while many of the articles refer to D&D, most of them can easily be applied to other fantasy games. If you would like to suggest topics for future articles or tabletop gaming books to review, feel free to inquire.

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