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torturer and bodies
Art by Joakim Olofsson

As a country, Thay is relatively new, but as a people, Thayans have been developing for many years.  It is incredibly helpful to have the history at hand, but it is spread across different books and needs to be pinned down.  More details can be found in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (3rd edition), Unapproachable East, Lost Empires of Faerun, Champions of Ruin, the Grand History of the Realms, and Lords of Darkness.  Entries in this timeline as they pertain to House Valgon are marked in a different color.

-10,000 The newly created drow flee to the Underdark beneath what will become the Plateau of Thay.
-8350 Imaskari tribes settle in the Raurin Desert area.
-4370 Plague decimates Imaskari tribes.
-4366 Twin portals created to abduct slaves; barrier erected to block their gods.
-2489 Gods send avatars; slave revolt begins.
-2488 Imaskari Empire falls; Raurin Desert created.
-2135 Skuld founded, becoming the capital of Mulhorand.
-2087 Unthalass founded, becoming the capital of Unther.
-1967 First Unther-Mulhorandi war begins.
-1087 Thayd leads revolt against Mulhorand and Unther by taking over the northern territories.
-1081 Thayd and his conspirators are defeated.
-1076 The Orcgate Wars begin in Thayan region as orcs flood into the area from an opened portal; Mulhorandi claims the upper Plateau while Unther claims the Wizard's Reach.
-1069 The Orcgate is destroyed and remaining orcs are defeated in the Priador.
-970 Nentyarch builds capital, starts uniting Nar kingdoms.
-946 All Nar kingdoms united in the empire of Narfell.
-900 Nar and Raumathari Empires rise to prominence.
-623 to -160 War between Narfell and Raumathar.
-160 Narfell and Raumathar destroy each other. Eltab summoned; demoncysts appear. Kensten was destroyed when the Nar army rushed to meet secret Raumathari forces amassing there. An avatar of Kossuth was summoned and laid waste to both sides.
-148 Eltab claims Rashemen for himself.
-135 Mulhorandi re-found the Raumathar settlement of Kensten (modern Bezantur) when claiming territory formerly held by the Raumathar.
-105 Illuskan tribe, the berserking Rus, arrived in eastern Faerun via malfunctioning portal.
-75 Rashemen liberated by alliance of Rashemi, Rus, and Raumviran witches; Eltab bound in Sharawood.
106 Followers of Myrkul discover and deal with Eltab; found Eltabranar.
202 Eltab defeated in battle with Mulhorand and bound beneath Thaymount.
211 Eltabranar population forced to flee as Mulhorand and Unther reclaim territory
922 Sacking of Delhumide. Eltab freed by Jorgmacdon to fight in the battle of Thazalhar. Thay declared independent.
923 The demon Eltab is bound beneath Eltabbar.
934 Red Wizards try to invade Rashemen via Gorge of Gauros; fail.
976 Mulhorandi invasion of Thay repelled.
1030 Zulkirs established as rulers of Thay.
1074 Zulkirs crush last opposition to their rule.
1086 Thay captures Nethjet and Nethentir.
1098 Thayan invasion of Mulhorand fails.
1110 Thay marches on Phent; fails.
1194 Thay’s first invasion of Aglarond.
1197 Thayans attack Aglarond; driven back.
1260 Aglarond launches invasion of Thay; fails.
1280 Thay launches invasion of Mulhorand that ravages Murghom.
1294 Antek Valgon born.
1298 Falda Csittanko born.
1306 Boris Valgon born.
1307 Gulyas Valgon born. Arkhod Volkos born.
1308 Vadalma Valgon born. Derogna Shanived born.
1317 Lee’voth Valgon born.
1318 Imourad Valgon born.
1319 Zelsea Valgon born.

1320 Great Inner Sea Plague ravages coast; Thay withdraws from Wizard’s Reach to escape it. Cezria Indolf born.
1323 Zulkir of enchantment leads plan to control influential people via dreams; fails. Halav Kallos born.
1328 Fury Valgon born.
1329 Ivistra Gallegos born. Othilla Valgon born.
1330 E’luaz Eremal born.
1335 Boris sacrifices his firstborn son the day of the child’s birth (name unknown).
1336 A limnic eruption occurs in Lake Thaylambar; Falda is suffocated.
1337 Balogh Valgon born.

1339 Samas Kul becomes Master of the Guild of Foreign Trade, a minor post at the time. Berach Valgon born.
1342 Rayek Valgon born.
1344 First Thayan enclaves created, starting in Procampur. Arkhod killed on a diplomatic mission to help set up an enclave.

small enclave map
Click to see the full sized map, altered only to show cities with enclaves using the Red Wizard symbol

1347 Ulkar Valgon born. Antek dies in a magical “accident,” along with his heir, Lee’voth.
1348 Othilla and E’luaz marry; Azonia Valgon born. Repairs finished on damaged sections of the house.
1349 Gelina Rhaenys born.
1350 Miklos Valgon born.
1351 Nauthira Valgon born.
1354 Kano Valgon born. Derogna Valgon dies.
1356 Isa Valgon born.

1357 Jera Valgon born; Ulkar tested for arcane aptitude. Thay sends an army of elementals to bring Escalant, Murbant, and Thasselen to heel by opening a gate to the Plane of Fire. Fails to keep their promise to make a permanent portal, so the elementals turn on them and devastate the Priador before Aznar Thrul calls on Kossuth to help; called the Salamander War. Balogh Valgon dies in battle. Halav Kallos vanishes on a mission and never returns.
1358 Time of Troubles. Imaskari planar barrier dissolved by Ao; Mulhorandi deities leave.
1359 Tuigan Horde invades Thay. Szass Tam negotiates a truce. Horde allowed to pass through Thay. Berach Valgon goes to “guide” horde out with his wife and never returns.
1360 Ulkar Valgon is sent to the wizard academy, albeit several years late.

1362 Thay tries to invade Mulhorand via the Golden Way but is turned back by water elementals, but scorch the earth in their wake. Maligor tries to take control of Thay from the Council but is killed by Szass Tam and unlikely allies. Ivistra Valgon runs away with her lover, Enim Thullos. They are apprehended and summarily executed by her husband. The story is given that she was kidnapped and killed, with due vengeance given.
1364 Gulyas Valgon dies in flagrante delicto.

1365 Thay invades Aglarond with a split army. Later, Thay invades Rashemen. Fury marries Gelina Rhaenys.
1366 Salia Valgon born.

1368 Enclaves open in Cimbar, Phsant, Proskur, Tsurlagol. Vadalma Valgon dies of old age. Ulkar is accepted back at home.
1369 The island called the Ship of the Gods explodes, causing tidal waves that swamp Alaor and Bezantur. Mulhorhand briefly seizes the Alaor. Thay attacks Aglarond in winter.
1370 Thay retakes the Alaor. Enclaves open in Westgate and Selgaunt. Dmitra Flass weds Selfaril, High Blade of Mulmaster. The Tower of Swift Death outside Tyraturos is rededicated to Cyric, over a decade after Bhaal's death.
1371 Mulhorand launches invasion of Unther; Red Wizards funnel gold and magic into Unther to oppose Mulhorand. The Zulkirs offer a truce to Aglarond, which is accepted.
1374 Jera Valgon forcibly impregnated by a summoned entity. Thurisa Valgon born.
1375 Original starting year of the campaign. Earthquake in Eleint. Boris Valgon goes missing; discovered to be alive by the end of the year, his whereabouts remain unknown. Azonia acquires a shop and opens it with a hidden temple beneath. Nauthira and Miklos leave the family; Azonia marries. Ulkar becomes a Red Wizard and is claimed by them. Rayek ascends to head of house Valgon in Eltabbar.
1376 Tyraturos sends Dralas and Augustus to Eltabbar. Azonia sabotages Greengrass festival. Gelina flees the country. Samira Valgon born. Rayek marries Lorna Zurn.
1377 Jera married into House Volkos, then leaves Thay. Esvetta of Surthay and Kadmos of Bezantur join the house in Eltabbar. Vik sabotages Brightbuckle celebration in Tyraturos. Augustus buys and opens a ludus.

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