The Lineage of House Valgon in Eltabbar, 1294-1377 DR
as found in the archives of House Delizan

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The family tree below shows the four most recent generations of House Valgon, in birth order.  Deceased family members are italicized, and the original surnames of those who have bred and/or married into the family are shown for convenience.  Members who are currently a part of the Eltabbar census are listed in bold print. (Player character names are marked with an asterisk.)  Click on the names for commonly known information.

Sex Name Dates Class Biography
M Antek 1294-1347 Wiz/Red Wiz
Boris' eldest brother, Antek became head of the house in 1334.  Under his guidance, the house was known for its production of spells and research; the family business fell by the wayside.  He maintained a fair but relatively loose rule, calling on services as they were needed and allowing family members to operate individually.
F Falda Csittanko 1298-1336 Aristocrat
A limnic eruption interrupted Falda's pleasure cruise on Lake Thaylambar, killing her quickly and unexpectedly.  Her body was never recovered and assumed eaten by the lake's denizens.
M Lee'voth 1317-1347 Wizard
It was well known that Lee'voth was Antek's heir when he perished in the magical explosion that killed his father and a number of house slaves.
M Imourad 1318-present Monk
Contemplative and controlled, Imourad practices a regimen of pain.  He has long been tasked with family security and is now the advisor of his son, Rayek, the acting head of house.
F Cezria Indolf 1320-present Monk
Proud, sharp-eyed, and quick, Cezria leads any expeditions the family undertakes to trade with the drow and has become not a little like them.
M Rayek 1342-present Red Wizard

Quiet and watchful, Rayek has only recently become a Red Wizard and come to represent the family in Boris' absence.  With his parents, he forms a stable triumvirate of power within the house, and traditionally he has gone on expeditions to the drow with his mother. All of that is changing now that he is tied to Eltabbar and newly married.

F Lorna Zurn 1345-present Bard/Sacred Prostitute
Betrothed young and raised to worship not only Sharess but also her husband-to-be, Lorna is ready to bear all the children Rayek wishes and cement his hold on the family - and is utterly at a loss as to why he doesn't seem to care whether she exists or not.
F Zelsea 1319-present Rogue
A lover of wealth, Zelsea scouts for buyers and watches the markets of Eltabbar.
M Halav Kallos 1315-? Rogue
A mischievous man, Halav went missing on a secret mission years ago; his fate is unknown.
M Kano 1354-present Fighter
Kano is young, energetic, and impulsive.  He is tasked with security and slave expeditions by land, and has recently taken up the mantle of house standard bearer.
F Isa 1356-present Cleric
Once she was touched by Waukeen, she got a special insight into the marketplace.  Isa keeps her brother on task and keeps the schedule for younger members of the family.  She also goes on slave expeditions by land.
M Boris 1306-present Wiz/Red Wiz
Boris is a cruel, bitter old man who has kept the family running in an orderly fashion, if only to maintain the resources and privacy he needs.  He is credited with getting the family business back on track by making sure that everyone in the household performs a function related to it.  Following the death of his wife he became especially withdrawn and hateful, but following the birth of his great-granddaughter he took on a new tone.  He approached his family with generosity and redecorated the family estate - shortly before disappearing altogether. After finally reaching him with Sending, some members of the family now know that he vanished the night that Eltab broke free of his prison and that Boris is being kept under a watchful eye somewhere against his will.
F Derogna Shanived 1308-1354 Wizard
Derogna was a hard, cold woman, plain in appearance but uncommonly intelligent.  She was the only person who could check Boris; her death marked the decline of his temper.
M Unknown 1335 None
Family legend says that Boris sacrificed his firstborn son, probably to Bane.  The boy was never seen after his birth and his name was never revealed.
M Balogh 1337-1357 Fighter / Knight
While he lived, Balogh was a fierce horseman and sword arm, bearing the house standard with pride.  He had nothing but contempt for his younger brother and though he had no magical aptitude, his father did not despise him.  Balogh died fighting in the Salamander War.
M Berach 1339-present Wizard
Fearful of his father, Berach never dared to enter the ranks of the Red Wizards.  He married very young for a Thayan and quickly produced a child, which he used as an excuse to remain home from the Salamander War.
F Jaka 1339-present Aristocrat
Shy and scared, Jaka gladly went with her husband when he agreed to join an escort for the Tuigan Horde in 1359.  She and Berach never returned and are known to have fled far away, leaving behind their daughter Jera.
F Jera 1357-present Aristocrat
Jera was raised angry with her useless parents and furious at her treatment by her grandfather, Boris.  She was viciously glad to fail her magical aptitude test and became defiantly "useless" thereafter, until Boris found a way to make her useful. Delivered by the family as ordered, Jera was forcibly impregnated by some kind of demonic or devilish outsider Boris summoned and gave birth to an altogether special child. Once it appeared as though Boris wasn't coming back any time soon, Jera grudgingly enlisted the aid of her cousins and made her bid for freedom by marrying Imri Volkos and moving abroad, leaving her daughter behind.
F Thurisa 1374-present None
Although no one knows who or what her father is, it is evident that Thurisa is the product of a fiend.  She was born with small wings that have since sprouted black feathers, and she has red eyes and small horns. Delighted by the sound of infernal languages, she has a way of making other members of the family uncomfortable even as they are charmed by her youthful and unearthly beauty.
M Gulyas 1307-1364 Bard
A fat, jolly man for most of his life, Gulyas relished pleasure until his death, which was unsurprisingly in flagrante delicto.  His focus on pleasure kept him safe from Boris, though he was put to work attending functions and the markets.  It is known that Gulyas had a penchant for young girls that also extended to members of his own family.
F Tasya Ilmeth 1312-present Wizard
Daughter of a perfume dynasty, Tasya was seduced at age 15 by Gulyas while he was on vacation in Thazalhar.  Somehow the intrusion was smoothed over and it was agreed that the offspring would remain a legal heir of House Valgon.  There was no marriage, and Tasya did not leave Thazalhar.
M Fury 1328-present Cleric
Fury despised his lazy, burbling father practically since birth and aspired to become the very opposite.  He was already a tyrannical man when Bane chose him as clergy, which only reinforced his heavy handed ways.  Possessive, strict, and violent, Fury is tasked with family security and accompanies Cezria on any trips to the drow. In some ways, his dreams have recently come true in the elevation of his eldest son and the arrival of a blackguard of Bane to the house. Given the difficulties at home, however, he's been directly forbidden to chase after his runaway bride or send anyone to punish her - and that smarts in a way that's fit to drive him mad.
F Ivistra Gallegos 1329-1362 Bard
Beautiful scion of Gallegos entertainers, Ivistra was a catch for Fury and an asset to the family.  She seemed content with her position in society and the market until she ran away with her lover, Enim Thullos, in 1362.  She was pursued by Fury, Imourad, and her young son, Miklos.  Fury cut down both lovers; the "official story" is that Ivistra was kidnapped and killed, and Fury took due vengeance.  Unofficially, it is rumored that she became pregnant and fled in order to have the child.
M Ulkar* 1347-present Red Wizard

The family was at Ulkar's christening when Antek and Lee'voth were killed.  When Ulkar passsed the magical aptitude test, Boris kept him out of the academy and neglected his education as long as he could, then kept Ulkar at the academy a few years too long.  He even sent Ulkar away on slave raids outside of Thay.  But the year of Boris' disappearance, Ulkar took his chance and became a Red Wizard.  Now Ulkar has been entirely removed from his house by his new masters - and though his family needs him, he has no choice but to obey.

M Miklos* 1350-present Fighter
A physically-inclined child, Miklos was favored by Balogh and might have been trained by him to be the house standard bearer, if not for the Salamander War.  Boris refused to provide a fighter's education for Miklos or to allow him to join the military.  Through some maneuvering by his stepmother, Gelina, he has been trained.  Miklos is drawn to the voluptuous nature of the family trade, while also echoing his father's love of control and bullying.  Upon his brother's ascension as a Red Wizard, Miklos gave up his fragile hope of attaining any real standing in the family.  Through careful arrangements, he was allowed to leave Thay with Nauthira.
F Gelina Rhaenys 1349-present Bard
A soft touch in a family of fighters, Gelina was all but sold by her family to the reawakened lust of Fury.  Well abused and bullied, she quickly produced the daughter Fury wanted and kept her head down ever after, maintaining some connections with his sons, since she is about their age and was raised in their company. In a bid to clear the house of 'useless' members during Boris' absence, visiting cousin Dralas Valgon discovered what was really behind Gelina's moping for Miklos and arranged to help her escape to be with her husband's son, well beyond Fury's reach.
F Salia 1366-present None
Try as she might, Salia failed her magical aptitude test not long after having had both of her big brothers removed from her otherwise sumptuous life. And then her stupid mother had the nerve to leave without even saying goodbye! Almost as abused as she is spoiled, Salia is considering her options and starting to dream of a life atop one of Thay's renown black unicorns, in the topmost brigade, of course.
F Vadalma 1308-1368 Expert
Vadalma was a beauty in her day and trained courtesans for all of her adult life.  She seemed to have an understanding with Boris in that they lived in separate spheres; she helped provide cash for the family and didn't blink at being head of house.  As an old woman, she was raspy-voiced and jaded, but she was able to train her granddaughters to take her place before she died.
M Arkhod Volkos 1307-1344 Aristocrat
Arkhod willed his heirs to House Valgon but never stopped working for House Volkos, which resulted in his death during a diplomatic mission.
F Othilla 1329-present Bard

Othilla married and produced children fairly young, if only to fulfill her obligations to her house.  She learned bardcraft from Gulyas and became a rising star in the theaters of Eltabbar.  For a number of years she took Roniran Gallegos as a lover, but when the time for elopement came Roniran backed out.  Othilla blamed her husband and children, and withdrew into a haze of drugs.  Upon Roniran's return many years later, Othilla sobered up enough to make him miserable - only to discover he was courting her grown daughter, Azonia.  Othilla schemed to send him away but failed miserably, and in the wake of her daughter's marriage she removed herself to another house, but not to another city.

M E'luaz Eremal 1330-present Aristocrat

E'luaz eagerly married up and became a cheerleader for House Valgon.  Foppish and pretentious, he nonetheless did his duty to wife and house despite Othilla's disregard for him.  E'luaz all but ignored Nauthira, who was raised as his daughter, in favor of Azonia, whom he spoiled rotten in an attempt to make up for her perpetually stoned mother.  Now that she has married against his wishes, E'luaz has brokered his divorce and removed himself from the house.  Though he still loves his daughter, his relationship with her has changed greatly.

F Azonia* 1348-present Cleric

Azonia grew up rich and adored by her father.  She was trained by her grandmother in the family business and then imbued with power by a new goddess, from whom she received personal attention.  This gave Azonia confidence that was nigh unshakeable - until she went abroad and found she was a small fish in a big pond.  She returned home only to find the full explanation for her mother's hatred upon meeting her mother's former lover, Roniran, and learning his tale. The man impressed Azonia so much that she risked everything to make him her own, and once she did, a child was not far behind.  With her new family and an underground temple to take care of, Azonia has been rewarded for her hard work, but it's only just begun.

M Roniran Gallegos 1331-present Bard

As a young man, Roniran's passion was for the stage and Othilla.  When he realized he could not part her from her children, Roniran left Thay altogether.  He journeyed to the far western coast of Faerun, where he lived until deciding he wanted a Thayan wife.  He returned only to meet Othilla's daughter and to hear of what became of his former lover.  Azonia had the youth Roniran remembered but more heart, and the two worked carefully to arrange their marriage.  Now that they've succeeded, Roniran is officially a member of House Valgon and on his way to fulfilling his vision of a family.

F Samira 1376-present None Conceived on one of the first altars consecrated to Samora, goddess of tainted love and forbidden pleasure, Samira was imbued from the start with some special part of the deity's attention. In the womb she urged her mother to feast on strange, exotic, and disturbing things, from the virginity of an aasimar to the juices of a sacrificed nymph. Exceptionally lovely from the moment of her birth, she doesn't appear exceptionally different - yet.
F Nauthira 1351-present Rogue

Nauthira spent her childhood in the shadows, so she embraced them as the best defense against the dangers of her family.  When she wore yellow to Gulyas' funeral, it became apparent she had received unwanted attentions from her elder.  For years she was expected to train courtesans alongside her "perfect" sister, Azonia, which she hated.  Only when Nauthira was sent by land to fetch slaves did she feel any peace.  She longed to follow adventures far away without having to return home.  She unexpectedly got her wish when her mother revealed that Nauthira was born out of wedlock.  It didn't seem to matter to Azonia that her fiance was her sister's father.  But it mattered to Nauthira when she suddenly had no claim to the family fortune and no obligations to stay.  She left at the first opportunity.